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Wholesale Food Southwestern Ontario

Since 1985, Bo-De Foods has offered wholesale food to Southwestern Ontario businesses and individuals.  We stock a variety of top-notch gourmet and bulk foods at amazingly low prices. We cater to wholesale customers, providing superior quality foods, delivered to you anywhere in Southwestern Ontario. From retailers to food service companies, our customers love the country goodness and phenomenal prices they receive from our factory outlet store.

Our Commitment to You

All of us at Bo-De Foods share a strong commitment to our customers. We focus on giving you every opportunity to serve your customers with the best foods on the market at wholesale prices to increase their loyalty to your business. Your satisfaction and success are our greatest rewards, and we are ready and motivated to make that happen.

Wide Variety of Gourmet and Wholesale Foods

We offer a very wide assortment of products, so you can buy a significant portion of the products you use every day. Our warehouse in Waterloo is stocked with 2000 SKUs including cookies, crackers, candies, nuts, chocolate and everything in between to ensure you have the variety and value you want most.

A mouthwatering array of cookies await you when you shop Bo-De Foods. Your customers will leave your business with a smile on their faces.

We supply many kinds of crackers so you can get the perfect products for your unique customers.

You will find candy galore at Bo-De Foods – always delicious, always high-quality!

Bo-De Foods’ chocolates fulfill every chocolate-lover’s fantasy. Our rich, flavorful chocolates take satisfaction to the next level.

Your customers can quench their thirst in the most pleasing ways when you choose from our wide selection of wholesale drinks.

What could be better for your Southwestern Ontario customers than tantalizing pure maple syrup? At Bo-De Foods, you get the best of the best.

Bo-De Foods is your go-to factory outlet store for granola with a pleasing crunch and packed with nutrition.

Provide your retail customers with the highest-quality flour and yeast. Or, if your business is in food service, use our flour and yeast to bake up gourmet delights for the diners who visit your location.

High-Volume Warehouse

With our 12,000 square foot warehouse, we have the space to carry a large volume of products to meet your needs. You can rest easy, knowing that we will have enough of the products you choose to keep you stocked up and ready to go.

Wholesale Foods for Southwestern Ontario

We deliver our products to you wherever you are in Southwestern Ontario. We strive to be the best wholesale food provider at the lowest prices in this large area.

Reliable Delivery Service

When you shop Bo-De Foods for wholesale products, you can take advantage of our reliable delivery service. Our professional drivers deliver your foods to your door, taking the utmost care to get the foods to you quickly, safely, and efficiently. When your order arrives, it is in the same perfect condition as when it left our warehouse. The price you pay for delivery depends on the price of your order:

• For orders over $1000, we pay the freight, and your delivery is free.
• For orders from $500 to $999, we split the freight costs with you 50/50.
• For orders under $500, you pay the freight costs, but you still get reliable delivery.

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